SkillsFuture for Digital Workplace (F&B and Hospitality)

Course Overview

The SkillsFuture for Digital Workplace is a two-day national training programme that aims to equip learners with foundational digital literacy skills and the positive mindset needed to deal with the digital workplace of the future.

Participants can expect an interactive programme in an immersive digital classroom through experiential learning. We have the expertise to tailor the course to leverage on relevant case examples and technologies specific to Food & Beverage industry in four key areas such as data analytics, innovation, technology and mindset change.

Upon successful completion of the programme, the participants will be able to:

  • Learn about Singapore's Smart Nation initiatives, new technologies, disruptions and valuable skills in the future digital workplace
  • Gain awareness about cyber-security threats, and learn how to protect themselves in work and in personal life
  • Better understand data analytics, and how it can apply to their work
  • Apply problem-solving techniques and technology
  • Gain awareness of various lifelong learning options to continue their digital journeys​​
Target Audience
  • Industry and members of the public
  • Prospective or existing ACI students
Core Modules
  • Embracing Digital Workplace
  • Emerging Technology Trends in F&B and Hospitality
  • Rising Cyber Security Awareness
  • Introducing to Data Analytics
Course Fees
Per Session Non-S'porean S'porean/PR
(After SSG subsidy)
(After NETF funding)
(Inclusive of GST)
$797.15 $50.00 $10.00
Payment advisory:
1. NETF funding applicable for NTUC members
Self-sponsored payment accepted via:​
     - AXS 
     - NETS at ACI counter
     - SkillsFuture Credit (For Singaporeans aged 25 and above) 
Company sponsored payment accepted via:
     - GIRO
     - Cheque: Payable to 
“Nanyang Polytechnic” with your name, 
       NRIC and name of organisation written behind the cheque. 
Refund Policy Refund 
Withdrawal notification received at least 14 calendar days before course commencement 75% refund of paid course fee
Withdrawal notification received less than 14 calendar days from the course commencement or upon course commencement No refund of paid fees
Entry Requirements

No minimum admission requirement. 

Other Information

SFDW programme also supports industry project under ​​The Transformation and Capability Development Programme (TCAP) in their transformational efforts to develop company manpower capability. As part of capability development, TCAP aims to foster and encourage digital literacy of personnel through SFDW programme. The scheme provides up to 70% grant support for eligible food services companies when they undertake the following development areas:

  • Adoption of New Business Formats and Models
  • Development of New Products and Services
  • Enhancing Quality and Standards 
  • Manpower Capability Development
  • Process and Work Redesign
  • Technology Enhancements and Adoption 

Grant support of up to S$250,000 (SME's); S$500,000 (Non-SME's) whichever is lower. Click here to find out more about TCAP.

Brochure Download

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Course Schedule
Start Date End Date Time Language Remarks
27 Jun 2019 28 Jun 2019 9.00am - 6.00pm English
17 Oct 2019 18 Oct 2019 9.00am - 6.00pm English