Our Vision, Mission, Values

Our Vision

To be a Centre of Excellence in the Food & Beverage Services industry


Our Mission

We provide quality training to help professionalise Singapore's Food & Beverage Services industry and support enterprises in their journey towards productivity enhancement and business transformation.


Our Values

Can-Do Spirit

A positive mindset, grasping opportunities, a willingness to try something new and rising to new challenges.

Borderless Teamwork

Working seamlessly across schools and departments in NYP-ACI to achieve synergy and maximise organisational capability.

Development Orientation

Dynamism, growth and a pioneering spirit. Always looking ahead and planning for the future.

Innovation and Enterprise

Inventive, creative and creating new opportunities. Being entrepreneurial, business-oriented and business friendly.

Nurturing and Caring Culture

Commitment to help our trainees develop new skills and maximise their potential. Support for our colleagues in their work to encourage their growth and success in their careers at ACI.