Fabrication of Meat and Poultry

Fabrication of Meat and Poultry

Fabrication of Meat and Poultry


TGS-2022011814  - Progressive Wage Model (PWM)

Participants will have the knowledge and skills for preparation of meat and poultry for cooking.
Learners will be able to fabricate red meat and poultry with types of cutting and deboning techniques.
- Types and uses of kitchen tools and equipment
- Techniques of handling, using knives safely, ways of storing and sharpening knives
- Procedures of fabricating meat and poultry
- Meat and poultry portion control specifications
- Tying and trussing methods
- Interpret safety signs and hazard symbols
- Safety and sanitation guidelines for meat and poultry
- Methods of storing meat and poultry
- Appropriate temperatures for storing meat and poultry
- Halal meat and poultry handling procedure

​On completion of this unit, learners will have the skills and abilities in preparation of meat and poultry for cooking. Learners will be able to fabricate red meat and poultry with types of cutting and deboning techniques.

** Available in AOP (Assessment Only Pathway) - Please contact 6417 3312 for more infomation.

Start DateEnd DateModeDayTimeLanguageRemarks
Please contact 6417 3312 for more information

05 Dec 202306 Dec 2023Full TimeTuesday & Wednesday9.00am - 6.00pmEnglish2 Days
08 Jan 202409 Jan 2024Full TimeMonday & Tuesday9.00am - 6.00pmEnglish2 Days


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Course Fee 2023 & 2024

Course Fee 2023 & 2024

Course Fee 2023 & 2024

Payment accepted via 可通过以下方式付款支付学费:

- NETS at ACI counter 本院柜台

- SkillsFuture Credit (For Singaporeans aged 25 and above) 未来技能培训补助金 (新加坡公民25岁以上)


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    享有90% SSG津贴

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未来技能培训补助 (SFC)

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  • All Singaporeans aged 25 and above will receive an opening credit of S$500 from January 2016. 


  • You may utilise your SkillsFuture Credit to offset the course fee payable after subsidy/funding.



Entry Requirements:

ACI does not accept trainees under 16 years of age. For beverage (alcohol) classes, there is a minimum age of 21 years of age.

Education : Lower Secondary or WPLN 4

Language : Basic Proficiency in Written and Spoken (English / Mandarin)

  • Trainees are required to clean up the kitchen after class.
  • Attendance is required for all WSQ Courses.
  • There will be written and practical assessments for all WSQ Courses.



Please note that our kitchens are designed to accommodate 24 Trainees with 3 Trainees sharing one work-station. With relaxation of Covid measures, we have reverted to conducting classes at full capacity of 24 pax. 请注意本学院的厨房可容纳 24 名学员。其中 3 名学员共用一个工作站。随着 Covid-19 措施的放松,本学院已恢复为 24 名学员上课。


Strictly no refund allowed. 严禁退费。

After course confirmation, change of course date is only allowed with valid  reasons and documentary proof is required. 课程确认后,只有在上述正当理由的情况下才可以更改课程日期,并需要提供证明文件。

We do not allow change of course date 10 days before course start. Only valid reasons will be accepted. 我们不允许在课程开始前 10 天更改课程日期。 仅接受上述有效理由。

Absent with valid reason

  1. With documentary proof of valid reason for less than 75% attendance and on very exceptional cases, an appeal can be submitted for transfer to the next class run (valid for 4 months or until 1 Feb, whichever is earlier).
  2. For leave of absence with valid medical reason of trainee accompanied by documentary proof (not applicable to family members), an appeal can be submitted for max 75% refund of paid course fee. 

Appeals under the above scenerio are subject to ACI's management approval. Such request must be submitted within 2 working days from the missed class date, after which paid course fee will be forfeited.

For courses that are more than 1 day, trainee will not be allowed to attend remaining sessions if trainee missed Day 1 of class. 

Absent without valid reason

Trainee who are absent WITHOUT valid reason will have the paid course fee forfeited and not allowed to attend day 2 and 3 of the course (if any). Initial claims for the payable course fee from SkillsFuture Credit (SFC) or Post-Secondary Education Account (PSEA) cannot be processed and trainee will be liable to pay for this amount of payable course fee. Please note that STEP system will not allow trainee to apply for further courses until this amount is paid.

NB: To enjoy SkillsFuture funding, trainees must achieve 75% attendance and be rated Competent in assessment.

ACI reserves the right to assess/reject Leave of Absence reasons that are not relevant to the course missed (e.g. internet service disruption does not affect kitchen classes in person).