ACI Consulting Services


Besides building a pipeline of local chefs and strengthen continual professional development for existing workers, ACI is also committed to support sectoral business transformation by working with enterprises in areas such as food technology, food science and food production which will in turn, generate high impact outcomes in terms of manpower optimization, process or productivity improvements. 

This is to be achieved through consultancy services and/or applied research & development projects to improve processes or business models which would use less manpower and reduce reliance on foreign manpower.  Such projects will be undertaken by ACI in collaboration with other agencies and institutions for individual companies or group of companies to achieve its desired outcomes and impact. 

Government Funding Support

The Transformation and Capability Development Programme (TCAP) a government funding support to help companies in their transformational efforts to develop company manpower capability. As part of capability development, TCAP aims to foster and encourage digital literacy of personnel through SkillsFuture for the Digital Workplace (SFDW).

The scheme provides 70% grant support of up to S$250,000 (SME's); S$500,000 (Non-SME's) whichever is lower. 

TCAP is mean for eligible food services companies when they undertake the following development areas:

  • Adoption of New Business Formats and Models
  • Development of New Products and Services
  • Enhancing Quality and Standards 
  • Manpower Capability Development
  • Process and Work Redesign
  • Technology Enhancements and Adoption 


Research & Development Projects

ACI provides an excellent platform for your company to work with our Consultants and our Schools in NYP, as well as other partners and government economic agencies so as to transform or improve your F&B business; including front-of-house and back-of-house operations through new business model or product development, process optimization, adoption of appropriate technologies, lean process management and job-re-design to achieve manpower-lean. Above all, ACI is able to provide you a test bed to validate or try out and make further improvement in your new product development, processes, and/or technology adoption to meet the market and customer needs.  ​