Important Points To Note

  • 1. Please complete the online course application within 30 minutes to avoid a system timeout. Please note that incomplete applications cannot be saved.
  • 2. For self-sponsored Singaporean trainees who are interested to use your SkillsFuture Credit, please apply to claim your credit only after you received the Payment Advice
    from our Officer-in-charge (OIC), within 60 days before and up to the course start date.
  • 3. Payment Advice will be emailed to you when we have accepted your application.
  • 4. Before you begin, please get ready the e-copies of the following documents/information listed below for uploading online:
    • Academic/ Professional Qualifications or any other WSQ relevant courses e.g. Follow F&B Safety and Hygiene Policies and Procedures [Not applicable for Short Courses]
    • For those applying for enhanced course fee subsidy under the Workfare Training Support (WTS) Scheme:
      a) Valid copy of WTS Notification Letter or
      b) (In lieu of WTS Notification Letter) Recent payslip dated from course commencement date not more than 3 months
      More details of WTS scheme can be found in
      To check your eligibility for WTS Scheme, please login to the "eSERVICE LOGIN" at
  • 5. You will be notified of your course application status about 1 week prior to course commencement.
  • 6. Please note that you may be selected for the sighting of funding-related documents that you declare in the course application. Please bring along your NRIC or driving license to the class for verification.
  • 7. We reserve the right to claim back any course fee difference if funding is impacted by inaccurate submission of information from applicant.
  • 8. Through the submission of this form, the applicant is deemed to have read the guidelines, agreed to abide by the Privacy Statement and participate in post course-related surveys.