ACI is conceptualized and designed around five guiding principles of tradition, heritage, efficiency, productivity and innovation.

Tradition and Heritage

From the blend of colours, building materials to its artefacts, it is evident that ACI interior is specially selected and designed to reflect our Asian Tradition and Heritage. Showcasing our Asian culture, the intrinsic use of the traditional basket weaving can be seen prominently throughout ACI from its floor to the wall and all the way up to the ceiling. The 5 Chinese elements i.e. Metal (金), Wood (木), Water (水) , Fire (火) and Earth (土) and known as Wu Xing (五行) of the Chinese Zodiac are considered by the scholars in ancient China to be interdependent and creates an overall balance and harmony. ACI hence incorporated the concept into the theme and colour of our best equipped kitchens.

Kitchen Chinese Element Colour
Demo & Smart Kitchens Metal Silver
Bakery & Pastry Kitchen Wood Brown
Production Kitchen Water Blue
Gas Kitchen Fire Red
Induction Kitchen Earth Yellow

Our kitchens also feature conventional Asian culinary equipment such as roast pits, duck ovens and traditional deck steamers. Such equipment still feature prominently in many Asian kitchens today.

Efficiency and Productivity

ACI's Kitchens are equipped with contemporary and state-of-the-art equipment. And of course, not forgetting the perfect layout that promotes efficiency and productivity through seamless preparations and cooking of food items. The kitchens are further enhanced with the introduction of purpose-built Marrone mono-blocks which are customized workstations,specially imported from Italy. These Marrone mono-blocks will definitely push the production process to the extreme.


With an open and creative mind, the institute embraces the use of modern technology such as Vario-cookers, High pressure tilting pans, Combi-ovens, Blast chillers and Induction woks etc. We also aim to introduce the latest innovations in culinary science and technology to encourage and support enterprises on their transformation journey by adopting innovative technology.