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Make Yeast-Raised Pastries (English)

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On completion of this unit, the learner will have knowledge and application skills in preparing yeast-raised pastries and be able to apply them to the workplace. This includes preparing to make yeast-raised pastries, preparing yeast-raised pastry dough, shaping yeast-raised pastry products and baking yeast-raised pastries.

  • Types and uses of baking tools and equipment
  • Types, characteristics, functions and quality indicators of baking ingredients
  • Fermentation process 
  • Effects of ingredients on quality of yeast-raised dough and products
  • Recipes and methods of preparing different types of yeast-raised pastries
  • Importance and use of baker’s percentage and formula
  • Variety of fillings and their suitability to be baked with dough or added after baking
  • Techniques for rolling out, folding, shaping and cutting dough
  • Importance of brushing off excess flour from dough surfaces during folding and turning
  • Importance of controlling temperature of dough at various stages of preparation
  • Principles of baking yeast-raised pastries
  • Methods of cooling and storing yeast-raised pastry products
  • Quality characteristics of yeast-raised pastry products
  • Common faults in yeast-raised pastry products and how to prevent them
  • Food and workplace safety and health requirements

Items/Dishes Covered includes:

  • ​Fillings
  • Danish Pastries
  • Brioche Dough and products
  • Croissant Dough and products
  • Buns
  • Rolls

ACI reserves the rights to amend, revise or withdraw the dishes featured due to products availability.



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  • Participants whom keen to learn make yeast-raised pastries.

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