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Make Puff Pastry Products (English)

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On completion of this unit, the learner will have knowledge and application skills in preparing puff pastries and be able to apply them to the workplace.

In this programme, participants will have:

  • Theory, in-course practical assessment and written assessment
  • Types and uses of baking tools and equipment
  • Types, characteristics, functions and quality indicators of baking ingredients
  • Recipes and methods of preparing different types of puff pastries
  • Importance of using correct ratio and proportion of ingredients
  • How laminated dough works
  • Importance of maintaining temperature of dough and laminating fat
  • Variety of fillings and their suitability to be baked with dough or added after baking
  • Importance of brushing off excess flour from dough surfaces during folding and turning
  • Purpose of resting dough before final sheeting and before baking
  • Importance of resting puff pastry shapes before baking
  • Purpose of docking
  • Principles of baking puff pastry products
  • Methods of cooling and storing puff pastry products
  • Quality characteristics of puff pastry products
  • Common faults in puff pastry products and how to prevent them

Items/Dishes covered includes:

  • Varietal of Puff Pastry Dough
  • Palmiers
  • Fruit Windmills
  • Vol Au Vents
  • Curry Puffs
  • Lemon Slices

ACI reserves the rights to amend, revise or withdraw the dishes featured due to products availability.

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(after SSG subsidy)

S’porean aged 40 years & above

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  • Learners who are keen in Making Puff Pastry Products

  • Trainees are required to clean up after class.
  • Attendance is required for all programmes (WSQ and non WSQ Courses).
  • There will be written and practical assessments for all WSQ Courses.
Refund Policy Refund

Withdrawal notification received at least 14 calendar days before course commencement

  • 75% refund of paid course fees

Withdrawal notification received less than 14 calendar days from the course commencement OR Upon course commencement

  • No refund of paid course fees